Saturday, November 7, 2015


Assalam and hello there

gotta write something here..before i lost my password like forever..hahaha

so many things happened..OF COURSE...after a year of hiatus! Alhamdulillah, I'm in my 3rd year of PHD, but still struggling and fighting to write the thesis. As a matter of fact, it's far from over!! #sostressful #soworried #sohopeless

Nevertheless, on a brighter note, I managed to publish 5 research papers so far. Syukur Alhamdulillah. And got the chance to travel the world quite a bit to present my work..Thank you Allah.

May Allah ease..my phd journey. May Allah grant my ultimate wish to be able to submit within 3 years time..Even though it's only 4 months away...but it's not impossible, right....If James Hayton can write his thesis in 3 months, then I should get inspired and be like him.

So let us just......KEEP CALM AND WRITE OUR THESIS........all the best to you guys who are in the same boat!

--heavy discussion in progress-- hehe

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Managing your time effectively


1. Make the completion of your thesis or dissertation your top priority.

2. Spend time on your dissertation every day if that’s possible for you (minimum five days a week). consistent work will help you to keep ideas and source material fresh in your mind.

3. Know your distractions and schedule your work time when distractions are at a low level.

4. Plan carefully and keep open lines of communication with the important people in your life.

5. Know your personality and choose a working style that complements it. schedule trips by yourself; don’t try to squeeze research into family trips.. Keep a log of how well you are achieving your goals. Break tasks into small components.

7. establishing a master plan or dissertation timetable for making progress on your project. Keep in mind the time needed for professors to review your work.

8. Give yourself time to think; you often will need more time to think than you do to write.

9. Focus on your research questions. You want to construct an argument.

10. When researching, keep careful records of source titles, locations, and other pertinent information. Similarly, file notes clearly so that they are accessible when needed.


Writing Tips

some writing tips I collected from blogs.


The following suggestions may help you start writing and settle in to the process:

1. Writers have their own processes. Discover how you can be your most productive. If you need an outline for each section, be sure to make one. If you work best with an informal structure in mind, embrace it. If you work best after drinking tea and listening to your favorite song, do so.

2. Try to write every day, or at minimum five days a week. writing a dissertation is like training for a marathon. Once you start you must keep going or you’ll have to start over to get back to where you were.

3. Finding model theses or dissertations can help you gauge how much (or how little) you have to do. A good model can also serve as an inspiration for your project.

4. The tone and voice of your dissertation should be professional. You’ll want to lay your insecurities aside and assert yourself. Also, keep the writing academic; advisors look for dissertations that are interesting because of their scholarly findings not because of entertaining and amusing styles. Be professional in your criticism of other scholars.


1. Keep writing.

You may not be writing anything you’ll want to use in your dissertation, but continuing to write will help you maintain your schedule and discipline.

2. It also helps to think of tasks in small components.

Tell yourself, for example, that you will fill in the biographical data on a major figure in chapter three instead of telling yourself that you will finish chapter three. Accomplishing small goals helps you stay motivated.

3. A huge help in dealing with writer’s block can be a dissertation writing group.


1. Establish a filing system.

2. Examine several types of computer software. Some have very useful methods of storing notes. In addition, consider using outlining software or the outline tool on your word processor. You’ll know when you can convert material to standard paragraph form.

3. It may help to color-code your disks and folders if you have many projects underway in your life. Make sure all your dissertation disks and folders are easily distinguishable

4. Date drafts to remember the order in which you worked on chapters.

5. Establish a calendar for completing your work. Set deadlines for submitting drafts of each chapter. Meet your deadlines even if you cannot deliver everything you promised.

6. List what each chapter or section should cover, including both general ideas and specific examples.

7. Look at style guides; they may provide an organizational formula for your field.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm Back..hehe

Oh dear!!..havent updated this blog for agessssssss!!...was it 4 months ago?? 5 months??..yup..many things had happened since..
Alhamdulillah..went back to malaysia for data collection on the 21st April..and back to OZ land on the 6th of August.
Alhamdulillah...the phase is over!!! Syukur pada Allah..that everything went smoothly. Managed to undertook investigation as proposed in my research proposal..

..still not too late to wish everyone Eid Mubarak..Syawal 1435H..alhamdulillah, able to celebrate it in Malaysia this time around!
Yeah..got so many things lined up for me now...data analysis...writings...conferences papers..journals...I can only pray that may Allah eases my journey..amin!

hope I will manage to steal some time to update my blog!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Proposal Defense! a.k.a Confirmation of Candidature

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Maha Suci Allah Yg Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

I always prayed that I will have a smooth sailing proposal defense, but one where I can learn something from.

and amazingly, Allah made it happen! I believed I have defended my proposal very well that the panelist gave zero correction!.Yes, I had a very rigourous Q&A session that lasted for an hour...but in the end..all is well...masyaAllah..The first big hurdle is finally over... and now I can give it a rest for a while.....*phew*

Some tips on proposal defense will be up soon :) to be continued

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kompilasi Kata2 semangat

Tqsm 'Dr CT Research Clinic' for these very inspiring messages to all PhD candidates out there (esp myself:))

copy paste from her FB status:

Assalamualaikum Puan, biar saya beritahu puan satu rahsia. PhD itu sebenarnya tidak sesusah yang kita bayangkan. Dalam nak buat Phd tiada standard guideline utk buat dari A-Z, apa yang penting ialah bagaimana kita nak mengalami proses penyelidikan itu mengikut jalan yang sistematik. Contohnya, thesis utk soosial sains/management susunan babnya tentu amat berbeza dengan meraka yang membuat research dalam engineering/pure science/mathematician. Generic system ada but in details adalah terpulang kepada kebijaksanaan dan kreativiti seseorang penyelidik itu dalam mengolah, membincang, mengulas dan melapor ideanya. To me, positive or negative findings both are result that need to be reported. Untuk buat tak perlukan kita jadi genius, ia cuma perlukan kita untuk 'consistence' or 'Istiqamah'. supaya kita sentiasa in track.
Syarat paling utama juga ialah, 'Do NOT compare ourself with other' our situation in different in so many ways, for example:
1) Tajuk kita lain
2) Supervisor lain
3)Keluarga, suami/isteri/anak kita lain dari org lain
4) research environment juga lain

Jadi buang jauh-jauh untuk compare progress kita dengan orang lain, tapi compare progress kita dengan timeline yang kita dah sediakan pada awalnya, to make sure we are in the right track.

Yes, for 1st year research report in UK university they usually want us to produce a report between 20-30 pages. Semasa saya di Salford University Manchester last time, report yang pertama ini dipanggil 'Interim assessment' ia lebih melihat kepada proposal menyeluruh seorang student dari segi LR, conceptual framework dan perancangan yang detail untuk bahagian research methodology. And ususally, 30-50% of the details that we put in there akan berubah dari proposal asal as we go along the journey.

Kesimpulannya, tiada ultimate right or ultimate wrong in doing research, as long as you can 'define, justify & defend' and your panels/reader convince what you have presented, you'll be just fine.

Puan harus berusaha untuk menjadi seorang yg dinamik demi perjuangan PhD puan, ia tidak mudah dilakukan, tapi itulah perjuangan kita yang kita perlu lakukan selagi kita hidup. Itulah erti kehidupan iaitu untuk merasai dan mengalami perjalanan. Untuk kita pada akhirnya menikmati keindahan pengalaman yang kita lalui itu kelak. Saya rasa husband puan juga sangat supportive dalam perkara ini, usahlah Puan bimbangkan beliau, beliau faham kesusahan yang puan alami tapi beliau tidak berupaya untuk menolong puan buat PhD, itu sudah sangat memadai.
Lagi satu jangan kita peningkan kepala dengan berkata kepada otak bahawa ini susah itu susah maka semuanya akan kelihatan susah, bila otak rasa susah ia akan visualisekan satu perjalanan yang sukar dan menakutkan. Itu adalah sesuatu yang kita tidak mahu bukan Kita adalah diri kita dan kita berkuasa penuh atas segala, fikiran, kata-kata dan tindakan yang kita buat. We make the choices and decision, so make the good one.

Puan, sya doakan yang terbaik untuk puan, semoga Allah sentiasa membimbing dan memberi ilham yang terbaik kepada puan sepanjang perjalanan PhD puan.


kata2 semangat #2:

Create a routine discipline, allocate 4-5hours a day, 3 days a week at least! for your research. Otherwise, you will get out of track. No matter you want to study at home or going to the office, what matter is hold to your routine. It's always about 'Istiqamah'. Remember you do this on full time basis not part time! So act like one!

kata2 semangat #3:
Think + Say + Do >>> Positive word!
Saya boleh, kamu boleh, kita semua boleh. Saya dan kamu tiada beza, menginjak atas tanah yang sama, menghirup udara yang sama, dikuburkan dalam tanah yang sama. Beza hanya amal dan iman. Apa lagi alasanmu?

kata2 semangat #4:
Sometimes things doesn't have to be easy, life doesn't have to be perfect, the imperfection make it perfect. Open your heart to receive anything that come to you, it is a learning process, don't worry about making mistake. Allah want us to learn and become a better person every time


Monday, February 3, 2014

Basic Grammar Rules

Salam all,

Below are some general grammatical rules given by my SVs that can save you time in
writing your proposal and dissertation:

1. While the majority of the research proposal is written in the present and
future tenses, the reporting of research reviewed is the past tense (when the
research has already been done).

2. A paragraph must have two sentences. It cannot only have one.

3. A situation that continues or is still occurring in the present is written in
the present tense.

4. Do not use “I” or “you”. All writing must be written in the third person.
If it is necessary to refer to you, then refer to yourself as “the researcher”.

5.Do not use colloquialisms, such “ “good to go”, “picking up the slack”,
or other imprecise phrases or wordings. Be as precise as possible with word
choices. Imprecision allows multiple choices for interpretation, which is not

6. Use multiple ways to cite someone when not quoting. Words to use
include “stated”, “posited” (if it is a proposed theory or viewpoint), “said”, “found”
(if research), suggested (similar to posited), though there are others.

7. For the proposal, what will be done should be in the future tense, while
past research that has been cited is stated in the past tense.

8. A situation that continues is written in the present tense. For example,
“Education, today, with the advent of the “No Child Left Behind” Act, relies more
on technology through online testing than ever before.”

9. The methodology and findings in the final dissertation are written in
the past tense, since the study has been done, at that point.


Friday, January 31, 2014

focus focus!

my heart missed a beat..the proposal defense is confirmed..final week of february...the panelists are all set for it..O Allah..make it easy for me..amin...

Talking about my constant battle between PhD focus and procrastination!! Yep..Writing for me is much like riding a train..Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes there are delays – and you just hope it doesn’t crash! LOL..delay for I PROCRASTINATE things so much!!

Undoubtedly, I do get inspired,all the times....hehe.. but that inspiration lasts for moments, as I imagine that letters ‘DR’ and then moments later- it’s procrastination again.., sometimes it's writer’s block, or deadline I have to meet(especially publications thingy expected by my SVs), panic, exhaustion….

Ya Allah, please help me to overcome my procrastination issues..and start focusing on my academic writings, and PREPARE FOR my confirmation hearing!Amin ya Allah..

fokus ibu...fokussss!! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feedback from SV

Alhamdulillah..just received very encouraging feedback from SVs on my Research Proposal. Need to buckle up for some corrections but overall, it was a first class effort!! (MasyaAllah...the word came from my SVs!). Thank you Allah for easing my journey so far. Moga diriku sentiasa dibawah lembayung rahmatMU ya Allah.. dan nikmat manakah yg aku dustakan??..astaghfirullah...

some of the comments that really made my day..MasyaAllah..i'll strive harder..and Allah willing, I will make it! Amin amin Ya Allah

Sunday, January 5, 2014

an uphill battle

Life too busy. Family and study. Had my head down writing for proposal defense. Such an uphill battle. But Syukur alhamdulillah, I've managed to tackle all the early chapters that lay out the arguments. But it was kinda tricky to put everything together as a complete proposal documentation.Finishing off the whole 5 chapters took longer than expected. I gave myself a deadline of two weeks (but it ended up taking a whole 6-weeks!!) to do first draft of compiling everything. It's very rough around the edges. but I finally wound it up, a bit hastily towards the end, simply so I can move on to a new one.Gonna submit it off to my supervisor tomorrow. Allah bless. I have another month before my confirmation hearing. Now, working on my interview's design..Bismillah..

yayyyyy...finally done with the first draft! alhamdulillah